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Great github threads

My favourite part about Github are the discussions. Like Twitter, Github allows you to watch the comments and code of well known software developers and have a pick of their way of thinking. The code is interesting, but a lot of times the code lacks the WHY. Why the team or the developer chose to use a pattern or a design or why a feature made it to a language or not.

You can see how big projects evolved thanks to issues, commits and PRs, and you can even participate in the debates and of course in the code. Before Github, all this information was in projects' newsletters, forums, chats... The information was more difficult to find and it would last less.

Below there are a list of some Github threads that I considered interesting and worth of bookmarking. All of them, except for the last one, are about JavaScript, because it is my main language right now. Do you know any other great Github threads? Issues, PRs or maybe a gist that created an good discussion? Please leave it in the comments, I really love learning from others' points of views and their arguments.

  • Promises are not monads Promises could have been very different if it wasn't for some opinionated developers that really wanted them to be like they are.

  • Promisify/awaitable in node Another one about promises and why the promisify function was added to node.

  • Immutable issue about typescript Discussion of ways of creating immutable data structures that work with typescript.

  • About ngrx/store and immutable.js Immutable.js has trade offs as any other library. Immutability is great, but in JavaScript it is not idiomatic and it creates some friction...

  • Browserify and webpack Browserify can do most of what webpack does, and even more in some cases, great gist and good discussion about the two tools.

  • One line modules Sindre Sorhus about one line modules and why npm made the "utils scripts" folders irrelevant.

  • Node-chakracore About adding the Microsoft core for JavaScript into Node.

  • Linus Torvalds being... Linus Torvalds The last pearl in the list is not about JavaScript and not about a great discussion. Sometimes github allows you to see the bad parts of software development too. Linus is famous for being rude and coarse, this is just one of the multiple examples.

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