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Is College worth it for a Front-End Developer?

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Hi! I'm gonna give you an opinion from a junior college student perspective, I guess you want to study something related to CS in college and that's where your question is coming from?

My recommendations are that you are better of studying Front End by yourself via a boot camp or self studying there are a lot of free resources online that are more up to date than most of your college material and you don't have to spend some of your time in classes that would absolutely not benefit you in your job or don't align with what you want to pursue later on in life.

The only things college could be good for is meeting people which are as passionate in tech as you* and mainly getting the diploma which would help you later on if you plan to get a visa to the US or EU in the future.

I put an * in meeting people because if near your area they do conferences and meetups related to tech you would meet the same passionate people but having to pay a lower price IMO.

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Michael Puckett

Depends on the price tag!

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