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Automating Web Performance testing with Puppeteer

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This Github repository has recipes for automating Web Performance measurement with Puppeteer.

  • Get a DevTools performance trace for a page load
  • Get a DevTools trace with screenshots
  • Get a DevTools trace and extract filmstrip screenshots
  • Get a DevTools trace for a user interaction
  • Get Runtime performance metrics
  • Generate a Lighthouse report
  • Extract Lighthouse performance metrics
  • Emulate a slow network
  • Emulate a slow network and CPU
  • Test your site renders with JavaScript disabled
  • Get Navigation Timing API metrics
  • Measure First Paint and First Contentful Paint
  • Measure Largest Contentful Paint w/PerformanceObserver
  • Measure Cumulative Layout Shift w/PerformanceObserver
  • Measure SPA metrics with Next.js
  • Get DevTools-specific metrics: Frames Per Second
  • Measure memory leaks
  • Override requests with Request Interception
  • Block third-party domains
  • Code Coverage for JavaScript and CSS
  • Save network requests to a HAR file

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