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Juliana Gaioso
Juliana Gaioso

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I'm a newbie. Should I create contents?

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There is no one person who's know everything. As the same, has no one person who's know nothing. All content you're been creating should be at the same level of the challenges you're passing by in your career. And if you don't feel challenged, maybe this have to be your actual challenge, and you have to talk about it.
A regular person work for thirty years or more. Over this years, a different types of skills can be demanded, and probably never two times at the same way. So, if you really feel and if you really want to share with the community something relevant, I'm a hundred per cent sure you have a thing to say. And if you share what you want to say, I totally believe who someone in someplace can be helped for this.
And if even so you don't feel good enough to share technical stuffs, share your experiences, your fears, your way to solve this feeling. Soft skills are a skill too.

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José Luiz Ferreira

Keep going!

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Fabrícia Diniz

yessss. That's exactly what motivated me to start writing as a baby dev