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Juan David Ferreira
Juan David Ferreira

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Flask-FomanticUI - Flask extension to allow easy embedding of Fomantic UI CSS Framework.

Flask-FomanticUI is a collection of Jinja macros for Fomantic UI and
Flask for the global style. Very similar
to Bootstrap-Flask.


  • [x] Table generation: Render data objects (dict or class objects) to Fomantic UI Table.
  • [x] Paginate generation: Render Flask-SQLAlchemy Pagination object to Fomantic UI Pagination.
  • [x] Form generation: Render Flask-WTF/WTForms form object to Fomantic UI Form, etc.


Python 3.8+

Dependecies for this project.


You can install via pip:

    $> pip install Flask-FomanticUI
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Register the extension:

from flask import Flask
# To follow the naming rule of Flask extension, although
# this project's name is Flask-FomanticUI, the actual package
# installed is named `flask_fomanticui`.
from flask_fomanticui import FomanticUI

app = Flask(__name__)
fomantic = FomanticUI(app)
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Assuming you have a Flask-WTF form like this:

class LoginForm(FlaskForm):
    username = StringField('Username', validators=[DataRequired(), Length(1, 20)])
    password = PasswordField('Password', validators=[DataRequired(), Length(8, 150)])
    submit = SubmitField()
    remember = BooleanField('Remember me')
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Now with the render_ui_form macro:

{% from 'fomanticui/form_ui.html' import render_ui_form %}
<!-- Fomantic UI - CSS -->

{{ render_ui_form(form) }}

<!-- Fomantic UI - JS -->
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You will get a form like this with only one line code (i.e. {{ render_ui_form(form) }}):

form rendering

When the validation fails, the error messages will be rendered with proper style:

error form rendering

Read the Basic Usage
docs for more details.



  • Ferreira, Juan David

Please submit bug reports, suggestions for improvements and patches via
the (E-mail:


Credits goes to these peoples:

Official repository and Issues


Flask-FomanticUI is free software you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the terms of the MIT License. For more information, you can see the
for details.

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