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Personalised GitHub profile

Not so long ago I attended a personal branding workshop (it's quite popular topic these days). My mentor inspired me to unify my presence across internet. The idea behind it was to make me easily recognisable across the most common platforms such as Twitter, Github or LinkedIn. I found this task very fun and creative. Mostly it was changing my nickname and photo but it also involved some very very simple coding which was a double fun for me. I made my GitHub profile look more attractive.

My profile image

To customise your GitHub profile looks you need to create a README for it. It's very easy to do.

  • Create a repository with a name that matches your GitHub username.
  • Make sure this repository is public.
  • Add a file named in its root. Any content in this file will display in your profile README section.

The biggest challenge for me was to find the answer to the question: what should I add to this README? GitHub has some suggestions such as to add an "About me" section that describes your work and interests, contributions you're proud of, guidance on communities where you're involved. But there are even more things you can add, for example widgets in order to show stats on your GitHub activity or your most used programming languages.

Stats block image

You can add small badges to show various information such as how many visitors you had, how many bugs you fixed, any kind of important ratings or number pf social channel followers and etc. Adding a badge is very simple, you just need to use this code
![]({URL_OF_THE_BADGE_WITH_PARAMS}) in your file.

Badge exampleBadge example

I also checked few list with inspirational GitHub profiles and this blog post with few suggestions.

In the end I decided to keep my profile simple to mark what are the most important activities I do across internet, I marked the tools I use daily and added a small widget to see how many people visit my GitHub profile (something fun for myself).

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