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Andy Leverenz
Andy Leverenz

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Let’s Build: With Tailwind CSS – Tweet

Kicking off my new Tailwind CSS Let’s Build series I decided to start with a component and what better component than a Tweet on Twitter.

Follow along in the build to see how I’ll use a combination of Tailwind CSS, Twitters UI icons, and some trial and error to create a very similar experience that you see on

I’ll leverage CodePen and the version of Tailwind CSS. I’ll eventually install and configure Tailwind CSS locally instead of always leveraging a CDN but for quick prototypes and builds such as this one it makes a lot of sense to use.

See the Pen Let's Build: With Tailwind CSS - Tweet by Andy Leverenz (@webcrunchblog) on CodePen.

New to Tailwind?

Check out my first video on how to install the utility-first framework locally using Webpack

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