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Spring Boot WebSecurityConfiguration?

Hello everyone! I'm a new developer learning the Spring Boot framework right now, and I'm at a really hard sticking point with authentication and authorization with Spring Security. It seems like the old WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter is now depreciated and they want us to use WebSecurityConfiguration instead. The problem is I cannot find any tutorials or resources that seem to make sense on how to implement this new Class instead of the old one. The Spring documentation has only served to confuse the ever loving heck out of me. All of the tutorials on Youtube or Google seem to be older and directed towards setting up with the depreciated Class instead of the new one.

I'm trying to implement security for a basic login flow with BCrypt as a Password Encoder. I have a MySQL db that I connected to with data-jpa and I would like to go to the next step of making users login and create accounts if they don't exist.

It seems like I need to do some sort of filter chain, but I can't seem to find the right resource. Can anyone provide a little bit of direction for me? It's definitely been a hard sticking point in my learning. Any time I try to implement anything I wind up with tons of errors or circular dependencies. This seems like something that should only be a couple of blocks of code to implement.

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For the most part, things haven't changed too drastically from the WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter. If you've already reviewed the blog entry discussing the topic, then you may want to provide a bit more context where you're struggling with moving from the older Configurer to the SecurityFilterChain for configuring the HttpSecurity.