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Marcus Blankenship
Marcus Blankenship

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This space intentionally left blank

I didn’t write to you yesterday because I had nothing interesting to say.

As a young Team Lead, I would not have done this.

Back then I believed that saying something was always better than saying nothing.

Even when I had no specific ideas to contribute, I would open my mouth and fill the void of silence.

Why? That’s how I thought leaders acted.

Only later would I learn that wasn’t true.

Do you find yourself tempted to do the same thing?

What might you do instead when you have nothing to say?

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Leads should listen more than they speak. We should all listen more than we speak. Spend as much time as you can learning from others and internalizing other ways of thinking and doing. Then, you'll be far more productive when you're on your own!

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Samuel Nitsche

I often think that there must be a reason for us to have two ears and only one mouth. And I keep forgetting about that fact.