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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post. I am 23 and currently living in NYC. I have a great job but still feel as if I am missing something. I want to pursue a career in software as I went to college from 2014-2016 majoring in this. I unfortunately was unable to finish due to health complications with my mother. I currently am considering attending a coding boot camp (specifically Hackreactor, Flatiron School, and General Assembly). I have also been considering the option of using online resources like Udemy to teach my self. Just looking for any advise, warnings, or personal experience the community may be able to provide for me.

Thank you,
Justin Valdez

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Maybe you could add the type of language you're interested in... Or what you want to do in your software career

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23 Year old, huge fan of technology and more specifically computers. I am currently looking into learning coding.