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Which news sources to follow as a programmer?

jwnelen profile image Jeroen Nelen ・1 min read

I would like to know what kind of news sources (next to of course 😉) you guys are following to keep yourself informed about the latest tech news. Where tech news can be anything from the newest hardware, software, new programming languages, tech company updates, anything!

Sources I could think of are sources such as

  • Blogs authors/websites such as medium
  • News websites
  • Podcasts/shows
  • Social media
  • Git repos?

I would be interested in which explicit sources you use and how frequently you are checking the medium.

Lastly, this is my first post so I would also like to know what you think of this post

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Mahmudul Hasan

Recently #hashnode gain some attention to developer community, you can check it out. And you can also try github blog and many other blog site to get news but obviously is one of the swesome site for gain and learn current technology :)

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It keeps it simple.

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Mohd Talha

Download the extension on your browser. Certainly a great source. :)