A bug in this site

Updated on Jul 10, 2018

I found a bug!

{title: this.should_not.have(quotes).around(itself)}

It seems that the site parses the title: and then puts quotes around it. Maybe this is actually a Jekyll error?


As of 7/10/18 this bug has been fixed. Thanks to the devs!

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Actually, this is intended to all escape double quotes " properly. :)

We had a few edge cases with this, but I can't remember what the main edge case was. @maestromac probably can explain better since he worked on it.

I'm not sure that I follow. This is definitely an edge case bug though lol. Should be somewhat an easy fix since the title of the post is inside that --- block. If it only adds quotes to the title: inside that block, then it should be fine.

Yeah, for example title: some title will have quotes around some title. We have some logic that will add the quotes and escape if there are double quotes in some title already. Sorry I wasn't clear!

Did you have quotes on your title originally that were appended after you saved it, and then you removed?

No, I'm not even talking about the title. I'm talking about adding a code block in to the body of the post where the code sample in that code block contains the literal characters title:. It adds quotes in to the code block example when there shouldn't be any quotes. If you take a look at this screen shot, maybe that will be a bit more clear. You'll see I circled the two " characters in this bit of code, but I never typed those.

hmm.. not sure where my screen shot went. I uploaded it... Oh, do I have to copy and paste the link in here? this

OH I see what you mean. Hah yeah that's definitely an edge case. Woops.

Also to embed/inline images, you would post it like you do with Markdown:

Now that I wrote that though, we could make it even more straightforward to post an image.

😅 haha. Yeah, it was just a strange case for when you're trying to write a code tutorial, but telling people "don't type it like this" lol.

The image thing I think confused me because I clicked a button to upload a photo, and then just sort of assumed it added in (sorta like github issues does). Not a huge deal :)

Anyway, thanks for responding!

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