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Invite others to edit your articles on

In the spirit of collaborative effort. Is there a way to invite others to be co-editors of an article?

We can't know everything and can't write about it. Most of our articles can and should be improved "continuously". Authors of books usually have 3 or 4 people involved (which must include editors).

What's your thought's on a feature which allows the original author to invite others to contribute to any article? The original author would maintain control of all people editing.

Advantages: We can keep all of our articles continuously up to date, with most accurate information. This is much different than Stack Overflow where it has a lot of old outdated answers which confuse new people looking for latest greatest answer.

Disadvantages: I can't see any disadvantages.

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I built a tool for another community that allows you to pull in posts from GitHub which would allow collberative editing. Just not realtime collberative