Dev.to new edit format feedback and other suggestions

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Was wondering what others thought about the new article edit layout?

Here's my thoughts...

  • Shouldn't all buttons be at bottom?
    [Edit] [Preview] [Save Draft] [Manage] [Publish] [Revert New Changes]
    Don't have to scroll, as the cursor is always at new line of edit.

  • Also, the new preview uses a white background, which makes the javascript harder to read. Wouldn't a dark gray background be better?

  • The Tagging input could be a checkbox dropdown with filtering as we type. This way we can see all tagging options.

  • Also if we hover over our name icon now we see a drop down of things to do, could we add a [View Drafts] option?

  • One other cool thing, when we go to dashboard and view our posts, if a search bar was in that screen, it would make it easier to search just our posts. No a big deal....

  • A direct way to message a member of Dev.To, just go to their icon, then a menu option "Send Message" allows us to communicate directly. Would be nice to have message history (as in RSS feeds when we text messages to phone numbers)

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I have just completed my first post with the new editor and I had a few issues regarding images.

After uploading (which is now on the same page) I clicked the copy button after I assumed it was finished and pasted it into my post. When I went to preview the post at the end some images were duplicates or in the wrong order. I think I may had copied link to image before it had completed and copied the previous link? Not really sure.

There also use to be a quick link to Markdown options (adding YouTube, Tweets etc.) which I occasionaly found useful this seems to have gone.


I just read all of your other posts Iain, you have a wonderful collection of tools, thanks for posting them.