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John Peters
John Peters

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My CSS plans for 2020

CSS, to me; is way more difficult than frontend or backend coding. This is exactly why frameworks such as Bootstap are so popular.

Major corporate websites don't use Bootstrap, they prefer SCSS and plain old CSS.

Now that we have the wonderful HTML Grid, we have the ability to create layouts that just work.

2020 CSS Goals

  1. Focusing on the HTML grid is my priority for all layout. Do we need anything else?

  2. I will continually put each layout solution into my own personal toolbox. Simply done by keeping them in one place.

  3. I will continue using Angular components as a way to deliver toolbox styles. all based on the grid.

Over time, the chances of the toolbox having something needed for the job increase, perhaps even exponentially. I fully expect to have a robust layout toolbox in 4 months or less.


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John Peters Author • Edited on

Thanks Cody, you're right. I just thought it was interesting how one single new CSS function could eventually replace others current frameworks.

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John Peters Author

Update 4/15/2020. I have been able to use Grid in Angular both at root level and within encapsulated views. It's my new go to way forward. Once understood it is very powerful and makes things much easier.

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