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Want to know a fast way to determine current long term support versions of NPM Modules?

NPM View

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Type in the name of the package and under the dist-tags section we see the latest packages for multiple versions!

NPM Update

When running this command your package.json file will automatically be updated to the proper version within the dist-tags section. The is a great way to get in line with the latest release for your version!

It also handles dependencies of each package. So, for the package above under the dependencies, we get the latest versions within the scope of your package.json versions!

NPM Search

Uses the keywords sections to find anything matching those keywords!
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All told, this is one step closer to getting in-tune with the ridiculous world of NPM Package hunting.

NPM info (the best one)

Due to each dependency version being listed, this is the best one.

Thanks to Anjan's reminder in comment below..

npm info @angular/cli

@angular/cli@10.0.1 | MIT | deps: 20 | versions: 370
CLI tool for Angular

keywords: angular, Angular CLI, devkit, sdk, Angular DevKit, angular-cli

bin: ng

.tarball: https://registry.npmjs.org/@angular/cli/-/cli-10.0.1.tgz
.shasum: 23fd9e6495a89d7fe1bc756fdfb5af9c71bcaf26
.integrity: sha512-6Ht3022UcaWTBDnQKgcvTHbOP4ITjzn1DcZWKN0+zKk4PNqOwWtOEF2CBokOG79gTQVdrp2p5YQo5uX6UG7KMQ==
.unpackedSize: 408.2 kB

@angular-devkit/architect: 0.1000.1 npm-package-arg: 8.0.1
@angular-devkit/core: 10.0.1        npm-pick-manifest: 6.1.0
@angular-devkit/schematics: 10.0.1  open: 7.0.4
@schematics/angular: 10.0.1         pacote: 9.5.12
@schematics/update: 0.1000.1        read-package-tree: 5.3.1
@yarnpkg/lockfile: 1.1.0            rimraf: 3.0.2
ansi-colors: 4.1.1                  semver: 7.3.2
debug: 4.1.1                        symbol-observable: 1.2.0
ini: 1.3.5                          universal-analytics: 0.4.20
inquirer: 7.1.0                     uuid: 8.1.0

- angular <devops+npm@angular.io>
- angular-cli <hansl@google.com>
- google-wombot <node-team-npm+wombot@google.com>

latest: 10.0.1  next: 10.0.0    v6-lts: 6.2.9   v7-lts: 7.3.10  v8-lts: 8.3.28  v9-lts: 9.1.10

published 2 days ago by google-wombot <node-team-npm+wombot@google.com>

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Hi John, nice article
i recently found the following command recently
npm info <package_name>


Thanks Anjan; I added to content above!