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Taking Grammarly for a Test-Drive

I signed up for Grammarly to improve my writing skills and am testing it on the verbiage, a project I have notoriously gone overboard with trying to describe. is a batteries-included, quasi-decentralized, alternative free speech audio platform compatible with any device that supports a modern web browser.

A Virtual Server in your Browser utilizes virtual server technology to route group calls and form virtual networks.

To host a call, one participant's device acts as the network host, to which all of the other callers connect directly.

Ephemeral Networks

Messages and other media will pass through this host participant's device. If the device goes offline, the network and its history are gone.

No User Accounts

No user accounts or passwords are required to join a public network. User identities are generated using Ethereum, with a randomized user profile, by default. Users can change their description to their liking, while their profile information is stored locally via local storage.

Inspiration to Create this Project

I was faced with building a WebRTC bridge between two third-party services in the virtual healthcare industry. After some initial experimentation, I discovered that using a headless Chrome server was the path of least resistance. Fewer bugs were present at the expense of it not being exceptionally efficient.

However, the idea was compelling enough for me to continue exploring and scale it out as efficiently as possible with limited resources. The idea to use the client browser as a virtual server was born.

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