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Composition in Angular the React JS way

What ever it is has here as an editor, should get binned. I know we trying to get real geeky here, but for people who wanna write coming from a medium world, this editor right here is are turn-off.
But pre-rambling, I was actually think of ..... ohh shit I forgot... ehm .. {countdown to brain restart and ... yes thats it.
Im working on this project in Angular 6. For some reason I have the strong desire to use composition instead of inheritance for sharing just logic and using composition to build complex UIs in this Angular project as I have tried in my other React projects because React encourages composition over Inheritance..

In my experience, React developers preference of composition over inheritance for building complex user interaction driven application is really good reason use React a lot more.
But I am thinking, I can use the same principle in Angular 6 and build components and interactions using composition

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