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Christopher Toman
Christopher Toman

Posted on custom "Lost internet connection page"


Just lost internet connection and I visited and guess what, this cool custom "You don't have internet" page popped up :D with a Trump joke :D

I'm not from America, but FUCK YEAH!

Anyway, how it works? Can I experience this anywhere? The screen is from Chrome, so is just a feature of Chrome?

Happy Monday, everyone!

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Kelvin Wangonya

Hi Chris! To answer your question on how it works, (to the best of my knowledge), the page uses service worker to provide offline functionalities. You can read more about service worker here and here, and learn how to implement it in your project here.

Its not just a Chrome feature. Most web browsers now support it

Glad you liked the page. I did too :)

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Christopher Toman

Hey Kinyanjui,

thanks for the reply and the docs, this concept is very cool, just something warmer than the usual dinosaur.

Have a nice day!