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Cátia Araújo
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My boyfriend wanted a sticker of my snoovatar, so for valentines he built me this

So house policy: no gifts on valentines, one sometimes it’s hard to pick something, second if you want to spoil your significant other you can do it any other day of the year.

So long story short me and my bf are avid Reddit users, and me being me I love to set up my avatar to be just like me. One of these days when showing something on my phone to my bf he saw my avatar, chuckled and said “it’s you!”.

Little did I know what he was plotting. Today he showed what he had been doing for the last few hours. He built a website where you can put your snoovatar link and it will then give you an option to personalised stickers, YES MF STICKERS 🙌🏻

He knows I love stickers and he built this as a valentines present for me so I can have my own snoovatar as a sticker!!!! Brownie points he is already thinking/working towards allowing other type of avatars/images and expanding the content not only to stickers, but who knows what, like mugs, tees, I don’t know possibilities are endless. 🤪🤪 hyperventilates

Now I need to make him a nice homemade meal, because he definitely nailed it!

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