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5 Random Facts About Tech

Note, yes the palindrome numbers are on purpose, I don't know why I did it. Suffer.

1: Linus and the pronunciation of Linux

Linus doesn't care how you say his name (Lee-nus, Lie-nus, Lay-nus, Leh-nus) but he does care how you say Linux (Leh-nux).

2: SUSE makes Linux songs

The enterprise Linux giant makes song parodies and custom songs about Linux. My favorite is how to pronounce SUSE (soo-sah).

3: The creator of JavaScript is homophobic

Wikipedia even puts this fact in an unintentionally funny way: "known for: JavaScript, opposition to same-sex marriage." There were also three citations, which added to my odd enjoyment of the fact.

2: FreeBSD and Pop!_OS both come from Colorado

I am from Colorado, and this makes me happy I can literally drive to see the developers of the project. Colorado (especially Denver) is becoming a huge foundation for tech, like Washington and California.

1: Tor is a government funded project

Ever since the US Navy made the onion router for their secret technology stuff, they had to make it public. They fund Tor as it is the most popular onion routing browser, and helps keep anonymity for the government.

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