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What Was the Last Application I Made?

I am going to finally get back into app development. Not because I have nothing to do, but quite the opposite. Now when I say "getting back into", that implies I haven't done so in a while. That's correct. See, while I work on a lot of things, I weirdly don't make applications. I write scripts using BASH and Python, but nothing that isn't simplistic or that I even interact with for the most part.

My definition of "application" versus "script" is that I don't just write it and call it a day - it has to be:

  • Sharable
  • Interacted with
  • Not for an extra specific purpose

Even then most of the scripts I write are to deal with the pain that is known as LXQt - and I don't even do that too often unless I have to, which has been for rather rare bugs.

So what have been the apps I have written? When was the last made? Well, let me set the ground rules here!

  1. It can't be an experimental program with no care put into it. AKA the SiteScript compiler that doesn't even work.
  2. The program must be open-source. I can talk about the closed-source stuff I work on (very rarely) but they aren't mine and most aren't public anyhow.
  3. It has to be written in anything but Python and JavaScript. This might seem harsh to the languages, but I only used the languages to create Proofs-of-Concept - so it falls into the "experimental" stuff.

With that out of the way, what was the last app I made?

Well, the last WIP project I made was called Devwork. It was supposed to be something like a bug reporter but for smaller networks. It was supposed to be a resume piece but it never finished, nor do I care to bring it back.

The last fully-produced app was called Furry Text, and it was a GUI implementation of my friend's translator of a different name. We are both furries and it was completely made to complement his project. More of a joke application than anything else.

Now I said I would not include Python programs but I wrote this as I went - and I forgot I made a couple of Python packages. The latest of which was called Palettes, again based on my friend's code. This was more of a real application (more library but who cares)

The only other apps there were was when I started learning C++ for the first time ever. So I won't consider them. Before that, I also didn't do much.

Now I am getting back into app development using V and maybe F# if I ever need it. Anyways I wrote this for fun and to keep my brain not dying, so have a wonderful day!

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leob • Edited

Thanks for this great post, learned a lot from it, first time I'm hearing about furries!

Also first time I'm hearing about the "V" programming language (, interesting choice.

Have fun building your app!

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I have no idea about it!! Best tantrik in Theni