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Welcome to This Mortal Coil of Bugs and Errors, or tmcobae for short.

So you know how Sarah J. Maas has a book series that's always "A court of X and X"? A Court of Thorns and Roses, A Court of Mist and Fury, A Court of Frost and Starlight, et cetera. Well, you probably didn't know that, because this is and not tumblr. My point is, that's where the structure of this blog's name comes from. This Mortal Coil of ever-revolving Bugs and Errors, because I tend to ignore compiler warnings, possibly a future song title for Fall Out Boy, official launch date: Aug 5, 2020.

I figured, since I run into so many idiotic issues while coding, and because my is growing to an unmanageable size, I might as well document all of it in a proper blog and cringe about everything years after.

For the next few months (I think) I'll be focusing on Ruby and its backend framework, Rails. That being said, I still have some ongoing projects that require other languages, and sometimes I might want to revisit my Archive of Very Old Notes to make a post, so this isn't just going to be a Ruby-oriented blog. In fact, the majority of posts are probably not going to be about Ruby. It's just that I'll be more inclined to use the language and its libraries whenever I have the freedom to do so, and me yelling this plan to your face right now.

I feel like for a while I've always gone "whelp, wanna make a project, lemme just use Javascript for it." Desktop widgets? Coffeescript. Music Player? Javascript with Electron. Game development? Javascript all the way. Javascript has (weirdly enough) become my go-to programming language, but I've been stagnant on actually digging into the more niche parts of it. Yes, I'm still going to continue studying and using JS, but I just don't *insert kowalski meme* vibe with it enough to call it my favorite, despite having used it in a fair amount of my projects.

As for Ruby, I've dipped into it a while back, but never delved deep enough to consider myself even remotely competent at the language. My brief interactions with it gave off very "fun" feels though, so I'm willing to explore it a little more. Plus, you know, it just hits different when your personality/identifier is being a Ruby hobbyist.

Well, the (metaphorical) night is young, I am young, and my programming career is still in its early stages. This is the programming equivalent of me moving to a new city, changing my wardrobe and hairstyle, and *be unbound by the shackles of expectation my pre-existing identity has wrought upon myself*.

And it might be a tad bit dumb to post this on the very first entry for this blog, but this is my way of holding myself accountable. Having profoundly announced this to my personal corner of the vast, vast internet should be able to provide decent motivation in the upcoming months.

This blog is mostly going to be me bitc- sry, complaining about the everyday headaches that occur during my programming journey. Buckle up, cause you are about to observe a whole lot of breakdowns, shoddily assembled solutions, and 3am ramblings.

- Kevin

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