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Android Mirroring Tool : Release ScrcpyHub v1.4.0


ScrcpyHub is a GUI application to use scrcpy.


scrcpy is an Android device screen mirroring command tool. scrcpy is a useful command tool, but multiple device mirroring is so difficult and bother.

1.Get android device using adb command.
2.Execute scrcpy command using -s option.

2021-11-27 11-10-40.2021-11-27 11_11_40.gif


ScrcpyHub assists in multiple device mirroring. ScrcpyHub makes it easy to do multiple device mirroring.

  • Support Windows10 / 11 or macOS.
  • Detect android device.
  • Control mirroing (Start / Stop).
  • Save Screenshot.
  • Support Tary Menu.
  • Record Movie.
  • v1.4.0 NEW Feature : Modify light and dark theme.


v1.4.0 New Feature : Modify light and dark theme

v1.4.0 support modifying light and dark theme. You toggle lignt and dark theme. Try it.

2022-01-10 17-56-07.2022-01-10 17_56_42.gif

How to Use


Install adb and scrcpy, ScrcpyHub.

Mac OS

1.Install android-platform-tools and scrcpy.
2.Download here and launch ScrcpyHub.
3.Open ScrcpyHub Preferences.
4.Input adb and scrcpy location, save settings.

brew install android-platform-tools
brew install scrcpy
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Windows 10 / 11

1.Download here and install scrcpy somewhere.
2.Download here and launch ScrcpyHub.
3.Open ScrcpyHub Preferences.
4.Input adb and scrcpy location, save settings.


We are working on the development here. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please contact us.

Top comments (6)

mjablecnik profile image
Martin Jablečník

Do you plan support also Linux?

trishiraj profile image

Same utility tool, you can use this one. It supports Linux

kaleidot725 profile image

Sorry, I don't plan to support Linux at this time. I will consider whether we can support Linux in the next release.

mjablecnik profile image
Martin Jablečník

I see you develop it in Kotlin so it should not be some a big problem or not?

Thread Thread
kaleidot725 profile image

I'm developing an app with Compose Multiplatform Framework, so I think it can easily support Linux. Please wait for the next release.

amirbodla78 profile image
Amir Raza

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