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Friday Favs!

Hey and Happy Friday!

So back in the day (ok, like 7 years ago but I can't belive it's been that long) when I started my Masters degree, it was required that we had a blog for one of our classes. I named mine "Kaleigh's Keynotes" and would blog more than was required for my class. #teacherspet


No, but I would do this thing on Thursdays where I would share my favorite links and news in tech for the week. It was fun for me because not only did I require myself to keep up, but I liked being a part of the tech comminity. Throw in some life and exhausting jobs and I stopped all that.

But now, I'm back!

The past few months at my new job have been so refreshing. I feel like I'm finally doing what I want to, and have the energy and fire to get more involved again.

In my attempt to write again and blog more I want to bring back my old "Tech Link Thursdays" (or whatever I called it, I can't remember, I'm old now 👵). But on Fridays, because who doesn't love Fridays? And usually on Friday mornings I'm extra excited to sit down in front of the computer with my tea and read about what's going on in the world.

So, here are my favorite links from this past week! And of course, please share with me YOUR favorite links as well!

⭐️ Tech Job Interviews 101: 15 Remote Job Interview Questions Explained via SkillCrush

⭐️ this tweet by Amanda Rosenberg

⭐️ a collection of awesome react links from Nick Raienko on GitHub

⭐️ Free online testing tools for your website by Adam Greenough

⭐️ Dr. Mario is in (on iOS and Android) July 10 (super excited for this!) via techcrunch

⭐️ Up your Git game and clean up your history by Christopher Kade right here on

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