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Karen Da Cruz
Karen Da Cruz

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Nevertheless, Karen Coded

My day job is far from the coding world. I am a recruiting manager, and most of my day-to-day is spent exploring how to find great (tech) talent to join our company, take care of my team and making sure that other initiatives I'm involved with, run smoothly. I love programming, to create things out of nothing. Which is why I always try to find ways to continue in touch with these skills.

Some things I am doing:

  • Find opportunities in my job where I can apply logic and automation. A small script here, a scrapper there... There is always something to try and make my every day easier.

  • I am involved in building a bootcamp in Peru. This is not something that's common here, and we are still learning lots of things (we are running our first cohort!). However, I do take enjoyment in being involved in this project as a way to keep in touch with my technical knowledge. I love to help the next generation in not only learning something that is very passionate to me, but also being able to change their life and get an amazing job.

  • Trying code katas and exercises here and there. Taking online courses about topics that are interesting to me, like AI and machine learning.

  • Working on my own app. It's always nice to put your ideas in practice. I am building a startup where I am leading the technical side. We are about to run out first closed test.

To me, find ways to do what you love is important. I happen to love how to solve problems (often with technology). I see them as puzzles that need to be cracked. I persevere in trying to keep up programming by finding small opportunities during my job day-to-day.

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