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Lots of options, depends on how big they are, how many and what you want to pay.

  • file hosts such as dropbox, google drive or box
  • your own image cdn using a DO droplet
  • Facebook (not technically allowed)

I am not sure about google drive, box or dropbox. I added an image and couldn't get a public url ti include in markdown. Am I missing something ?


Dropbox made it harder to do but still quite simple, go to the website and view the image, right click on the image and select "copy image location". That will give you the full url to include in Markdown. Dropbox don't want you hosting images for websites etc, so they made it harder to do.


You Can host it to Digital Ocean which is $5 per month. If I am running a static website like JeyKll, I prefer it to include inside the images folder itself


That's not what I am looking for. Looking for image hosting service.

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