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A Gift for Git-mas

Merry Git-mas one and all...

Video lower down...

In this video I want to give you 3 wonderful git knowledge gifts, from me to you, for you to indulge on this holiday season. The 3 Git gifts I have for you are under the tree and ready to un-wrap and enjoy...

Without spoiling the surprises for you too much, I discuss 3 git topics in this merry video. I talk about the Git config command, the Git stash command and how to 'undo' in Git. For each topic I explain the concepts so they hopefully make sense and give you lots of juicy commands (most of which can be directly copied and pasted) to help you enhance your git workflow and experience.

This video will hopefully teach you something new, that maybe you didn't know before about these 3 areas of git and the more "lesser-known" additions to these commands. This video showcases many lines of git commands and explains how to construct your own and how to use them AND the best bit of all after the video if you want to somehow keep a copy of everything I have covered in the video then I have created a CHEAT SHEET that you can refer to forever and always that contains absolutely everything that I cover in this video, so there is no need to pause the video and frantically take notes it's all there for you at this link (PDF):

Cheatsheet PDF here


The Video

Merry Git-mas! Git bless us, everyone!


If you have ANY feedback or questions at all please let me know in the comments below or reach out to me on twitter:

My Twitter (@ben_kadel)

Or if you want to see more videos from my channel then here you go:

My Youtube Channel

Thanks for reading and possibly watching!

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