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Advent github repo cleanup

Today I went through the list of my repositories on github to do some cleanup:

I deleted forks that didn't have any (forks or) branches from me that I wanted to keep.

I archived all repositories related to Actionscript/Flash.

It was a bit tedious but it also feels good.

The biggest surprise was when I opened the no longer existing repository karfau/bachelor-thesis, since I expected to see some latex source code but instead it showed the well known instructions for the first commit.

Since it was created at least nine years ago, that might be a new record for a repo not being initialized? (Since there is no trace of it in my activities I can not prove that one.)

I'm quite sure I used git when writing the thesis, but obviously I did never push that code. I wonder if I can still find a copy of it on some old hard drive or CD...

Feel free to share what kind of repos you archived/deleted and what interesting things you (re)discovered while doing that.

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