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Career Goals

I am confused about what to do for my career. As now of I am undergrad final year student and as all students have same pressure of what to do? I have checked out a few options which are :-
1) Go Hiking
2) Start Business
3) Go For Job Interviews
4) Do Masters
Well to start with I have choose option 3 as its suitable and secured thing for my future. I don't know it but still I choose and count as one of the secured options. But what in Job? A whole bunch of list awaits here too. Go for back-end development, front-end development, full stack, mean stack, lamp stack, mern stack, competitive programming... blah ... blah.... Still confused. So I decided to write my resume in such a way that companies will choose me rather than choosing myself. And I got an offer letter too. But what now, Am I happy? I guess the job will make me happy when I take interest and I started doing things. Now I am liking it very much and appreciate the decision of what I made. If I had choose other options at that time may be I might not be happy as I am right now. So choose your career wisely enough and be happy in what u like. Don't think there is a less time for you, Have a deep thinking and give sufficient time, as time will make your things better and better day by day!!!.

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