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Great post! I'm actually working on Dhow right now, a Node.js SSG that lets you write JSX syntax (similar to next.js with getProps & getPaths functions) but generates pure HTML. It's currently a work in progress but I would love to hear what you think!

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JSX-powered static site generator for Node.js


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JSX-powered SSG for Node.js. Write logic like React with a directory-structure like Next.js but generate plain HTML with no client side JS.

A demo of what it does

Getting Started

Getting started is very simple. You can use the create-dhow-app npm package to quickly bootstrap a project based on a template.

npx create-dhow-app my-app # Optionally specify a template like this: `--template blog`
# For older versions of npm
npm i -g create-dhow-app
create-dhow-app my-app

The default template will show you the basic structure of a Dhow app but using something like the blog template will show you everything Dhow can offer.

Create a project from scratch

If you would like you can also create a project from scratch without using create-dhow-app. Let's walk through it.

# make a directory for your project
mkdir my-app
# change your directory
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