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Poker 3 Mechanical Keyboard for Mac

Recently I got my first mechanical keyboard Poker 3 with the Cherry MX Brown switches. Here is how I configured the keyboard to match the familiar Mac layout:

Mac Layout for Poker 3 Mechanical Keyboard

  • Use FN, PN, Ctrl and Shift as arrow keys. You’ll have to learn to use the left Shift for capitalising letters which I’m still getting used to.
  • Map CapsLock to FN because FN is now the left arrow key.
  • Map left Alt to Command ⌘.
  • Map left Win to Option ⌥.

Keyboard Layers

The keyboard has three programmable layouts or layers. I’m using layer 3 (red LED) to store this configuration. Use FN + > to switch to layer 3. Note that the default layer 1 can’t be configured.

Enable the Arrow Keys

Next we want to turn CapsLock into FN because FN will become the left arrow key. Switch the 3rd dip switch on the back of the keyboard to enable this.

Press left Win, Space + right Alt to turn right FN (left), PN (down), Shift (up) and Ctrl (right) into permanent arrow keys. Please note that this setting isn’t preserved between keyboard reboots.

Swap Win/Cmd and Alt

Finally we need to switch the left Win and Alt keys to match the Mac layout where the Win or Command keys are right next to the spacebar. Enter the programming mode by pressing FN + right Ctrl:

  • Press Alt then Win then PN to set the Command key.
  • Press Win then Alt then PN to set the Option key.

I used this Pok3r layout guide for reference.

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This is such an old post, but so helpful right now, thanks!