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Extend your Microsoft 365 Developer Tenant with your GitHub activities

During the development process of a Microsoft 365 application (with PowerApps, ASP.NET Core and Graph API, Single Page Applications and more) to have an environment where, time to time, you can break everything, working with specific settings and much more, is vital.

Join the Microsoft 365 Developer Program

For the developers, Microsoft provides a free tenant including 25 user licenses.
You can go here and join the program.
It's a five minutes task and you can also choose the name of your tenant.

By default the developer tenant expires after 90 days.

developer tenant preview

The importance of the sample data pack

If you create your own tenant by yourself, as a developer, you won't create realistic content.
Installing the sample data pack on the developer tenant is useful because it adds 16 additional users with licenses.
On top of that, it adds a lot of content like conversations, meetings, documents on SharePoint and an intranet.

sample data pack

Extend the life of the developer tenant with your GitHub activities

Every 90 days, to recreate everything from scratch it should be annoying especially if you work a lot with the Azure subscription connected to the Microsoft 365 tenant.
Since a while, Microsoft added the chance to extend the developer tenant life to infinite if you do a lot of GitHub activities on your account.

To link the GitHub account, you can go on your Microsoft 365 Developer profile and click on the "Settings" knob on the right top corner.
Then click on the "Accounts linked" on the left menu.
You can also use the direct link:


You can learn more on the Microsoft 365 Developer program at this link:

If you have linked the GitHub account correctly, in the dashboard you should have the logo on the top bar.


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