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My First 6 months at SoftwareONE

I would have liked to write this article a while ago, but now I have enough material to do it in a better way.

How it's started

At the end of June I resigned my contract with my previous company without any real reasons.
I don't have any problems with my colleagues or with the customers.
After three years I decided to move on in another adventure to find new motivations (first of all) and there is another reason but I don't want to talk about it here.
The past is gone and everything is useful for experience.
We are humans and every little piece of our life means to describe who we are.

Luckily I am in a condition to choose my next company. I contacted one of the person I know here in Switzerland and whom I deeply respect professionally: Marcel Zehner.
I was in contact with him because of the public speaking and we were partner in my previous company.

I work at SoftwareONE right now, it's because we found an agreement to work together. :)

My biggest fear

In my work I have always been used to work in small-middle size company. Here in Switzerland and in Italy as well.
But SoftwareONE is a world wide company and I was afraid about that.
Why? Because I used to talk directly with the managers directly or more or less I saw the whole plans of the company.
And in many case, after a while, I was involved in the decisions.
But it was a risk I would have gladly taken.
Especially because I was well explained how the new team I was going to work in worked.


A nice surprise

Since the beginning, even during the calls with the HR and one of the manager, I had the opposite feelings!
Honestly I was surprised to find such a cozy environment and people.
Before I thought: "yes, it's a big company, maybe I will be just a number".
The facts have shown me the opposite from the beginning.

And I finally started

At the beginning of August I finally started to work at SofwareONE.
Although there were still some restrictions, I was able to go to the office for onboarding.
And I found the same situation as well. :)

The first day it was hard because they explained to me where I can find the resourses, how to book the hours and stuff like that.
But the most important part is: they gave me the hardware equipment.
A cool Microsoft Laptop 4 (even during the Home Office I use my gaming PC to work), a keyboard, a mouse and a Jabra Headset for the calls and meetings.

At the end of the day we also defined my new roles and some goals to achieve in the next few months.

And, of course, they include two or three products that I have to deliver.


Relationships with others

Now I want to talk a little bit about the most important part (at least for me) during my daily work at SoftwareONE or in another company: the interaction with others.

Since the beginning I found a friendship environment with everyone in the team but with a lot of respect to each others.
I love it.
No excessive challenges with other members and no one wanting to show that they are better than another.
simply a team working with the same goal: to do things well.
Again: I love it.

In addition I have another problem than the others: the language.
Now I can understand german (yes... also a little bit of swiss german :D ), but I am not able to answer in german.
So, my first language is the english at work.
This is means I request an huge effort for the others to talk with me, but for others it doesn't seem to be a problem because they are happy to work with me. :)


It was a great journey until today and everything met my expectations. Maybe even more.
Now we are about to deliver our first big product after only six months.
Unfortunately I cannot talk about it and the other tool at the moment...but I will do it in my next post "My first year at SoftwareONE" because I'm sure I'll be here for a long time to come.


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Shubham Sigdar

Today I started my day by reading this blog of yours and got so much motivation in me that I studied for 7 hours nonstop but great Emanuele brother...and I m working so hard daily so that I also join a company like yours maybe in a few month urs company i can to meet u Fingercross! and you are doing great job.

Regex for lazy developers

regex for lazy devs

You know who you are. Sorry for the callout 😆