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Weekly 0013


I woke up very early because today is the day that I have to go in the office with the team but I have to finalize a lot of stuff before.
First of all I have reviewed the Chapter 01 of our book about Minimal API.
It was not so bad, just some fixes about some sentences. From the structure point of view, it was ok.

I created and updated a new GitHub repo with a devcontainer template to start to develop SPFx projects with Codespaces.
I think I will write a blog post tomorrow.
The link of the repo:

In the morning I went to Zurich Airport to meet my team. We spent two hour together at a coffee and than we went to Microsoft for having our monthly meeting.
We talked a lot about our team goal, our strategy and other stuff.
After lunch a did an interactive demo about Network Guardian and I received a lot of feedbacks.
We are about to launch this product very soon.

In the evening I had to write a blog post but I was too tired.
I will do it tomorrow morning.

Mood: 😊


Woke up a little bit late this morning. I was tired from yesterday and I decided to sleep a little bit more.

I started the morning to finalize my blog post about Auth0 Ambassador.

Image description

After that I started to work on Network Guardian. After a lot of hours, finally, I have a complete flow from the user’s perspective and I pushed all my code on Azure DevOps.
I worked for a while on the balcony, just to change my environment. It was super because I did a lot of stuff done from there. I will repeat this way of work time to time.

During the afternoon I also did a call with a colleague of mine to analyze some issues from a customer about Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online.

It was a good day from work point of view. I am happy.

Mood: 🙂


I started the morning with a long call with a colleague of mine and a customer.
We tried to install the solution “*Company Communicator”* to the customer tenant with poor results.

There are a lot of problems with the PowerShell installation.
I think tomorrow we will try with the manual installation. It takes more time, but maybe is more secure.

In the afternoon I recorded three videos for Codemotion and taken some photos for the profile.
I think they will release the final videos in few weeks.

Mood: 🤔


We tried to install the solution manually but we failed again.
My colleague will be on vacation the next week, so I will take care of this task at the beginning of the week. I don’t have too much time because I have to finalize Network Guardian in the next days.

Mood: 🤔


I started the morning early because I wanted to go out with my bike. I don’t want to do a long session during the weekend.
And I did it.

After lunch I worked on Network Guardian. I have implemented a new feature to detect the edge location for the Microsoft 365 Endpoints.
It works very well and I will wait for the final tests the next week.

In addition the next week we have to deploy the application at the customer. It’s a big customer and we need this tool up&running.

In the last 2-3 days I change my way of using the ToDo list and it works better.
On my paper agenda I just block my time with the name of the project and I use notion to write down all the tasks for the projects and I also take notes about the status and the priorities.
It works very good and better than my previous way of work.

In the very late evening, I reviewed my blog post about a few commands prompt that I use everyday, but I postponed it to Saturday afternoon.

Mood: 🦸

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