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2022 M1 Mac -Quick Setup

Did anyone else get a new laptop this holiday season? 👀
Here are the steps I follow to get setup quickly!

1. Show hidden folders

chflags nohidden ~/Library
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
defaults write ShowPathbar -bool true
defaults write ShowStatusBar -bool true

2. Install brew

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

  • Check your path and make sure path includes your brew location.
    • Check path: echo $PATH | tr ":" "\n"\n
    • Brew location: which brew
    • (Probably something like /opt/homebrew/bin)
    • If the location is missing, then add it to your ~/.zshrc, like this: export PATH=/opt/homebrew/bin:$PATH

3. iTerm & OhMyZsh & Starship

  • iTerm: brew install --cask iterm2
  • OhMyZsh: $ sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"
  • Starship: brew install starship
    • echo 'eval "$(starship init zsh)"' >> ~/.zshrc
    • (Install font & then change font in iTerm settings)
    • brew tap homebrew/cask-fonts
    • brew install --cask font-hack-nerd-font

4. Node & AWS CLI (for AWS development)

  • brew install node@16
  • curl "" -o "AWSCLIV2.pkg"
  • sudo installer -pkg AWSCLIV2.pkg -target /
  • aws configure (assuming you already have credentials)
  • npm install -g aws-cdk
  • To enable auto-complete, add these to ~/.zshrc
    • autoload bashcompinit && bashcompinit
    • autoload -Uz compinit && compinit
    • complete -C '/usr/local/bin/aws_completer' aws

5. Java

6. Other Apps

Let me know if you have other tips/questions! 😊

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