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Ready KASFY NodeJS Framework (beta)

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We have done a kasfy framework beta release.

Kasfy, a free an open source framework built on the top of Node.js harnessing the power the amazing web programming language, JavaScript. It fulfills all of your API development needs.

Documentation: kasfy.js.org

Github Repository Link

Ready Kasfy CLI for easy to work your project

Install Kasfy CLI with npm

# linux, ubuntu, and mac using with "sudo"
sudo npm install -g kasfy
sudo npm install -g npm

# windows must run cmd with administrator permission 
npm install -g kasfy
npm install -g npm

Create new Kasfy Project

kasfy create AwesomeApp   
# AwesomeApp is sample name.
# OR

kasfy new AwesomeApp

Kasfy Features

😍 Have a Awesome day.

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