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Why isn't my Canonical URL rendering in my first post?

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Why isn't my first post giving cross-post credit to my blog?

This is my front matter:

title: "Pourquoi - et comment - apprendre PL/SQL (…T-SQL…PL/pgSQL…)"
published: true
description: "Pourquoi les bases de données incluent, en plus de SQL, des langages 'procéduraux' -- et comment en apprendre un"
tags: ['explainlikeimfive','discuss','sql','french']

Thanks so much, everybody -- this looks like a great community!

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This is probably a matter of us being unclear what canonical_url does.

This post does have the canonical_url meta tag.

But it doesn't have the crossposted indication which only comes from stuff loaded via RSS.

This is probably unclear and should be changed.


Thanks so much! I haven't finished setting up an RSS feed for my blog, yet, so I'll just put it in fine print at the top as part of the post. :-)


@katiekodes I'm planning to do the same. Copy post from my website to this platform as well using the canonical url. How do you get crosspost indication?

See Ben's comment on this thread -- you have to have an XML feed and wait for a post to show up in your dashboard from that!

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