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Helium - The Cryptocurrency Nano Course

Helium - The Cryptocurrency Nano Course

Helium Cryptocurrency Cover Image

A deep dive cryptocurrency course. No previous programming experience needed! You'll learn python enroute to coding your own crypto.

The big takeway is that NO prior experience in Python or Cryptocurrency development is required.

Questions? Comments? Unicorns? Down below please!

1. Pre - requisites

  • Basic Mathematics and Algebra
  • Some coding experience preferable motivation and determination

2. Content

  • Theory of Cryptology
  • How to program in Python
  • Construction of a real cryptocurrency

3. Course objectives

  • Understanding of cryptographic theory
  • Proficiency in the Python language
  • Ability to design and code a cryptocurrency

4. Course features

Course features

5. Curriculum

Course Modules

6. Course Resources

12 Modules and 2 books (all included).

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