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The Code Cadet Outfit for women devs

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I've always wanted a dev tech outfit for myself. Imposter syndrome aside, coding is a lifestyle. A lifestyle where you sit for long periods of time and it's really irritating to pull up your pants so that they don't scrunch at your knees when you sit down :) I wanted to make it official, nothing wrong with jeans, track pants and t-shirts. But I was aiming for something more affirmative. Coding is creative, hard, joyful and gratifying all at the same time in different amounts. There's athletic wear for people into crossfit, running etc. So now I present to you ✨ dev wear for devs!

The embellishments on the outfit are patches and embroidery. The pants are to have deep pockets. I've gotten some feedback about front pockets not being that favorable so i might just remove the pocket and leave the patch. And put side pockets on the top itself. The sleeves are loose as well so that your elbows can move in whatever way that you type

And yes, that's a 🐱 cat code editor 💻

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When can I order this awesome outfit!!?? Looks super comfy!!


soon! I am making initial prototypes and setting up designs for custom patches and embroidery :)


This is so cool!!!!!! They look really good! I would wear this all day 🐱


thanks, that's the intent 😊