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Hey Everybody !! Long time no see :)

Today we will see an amazing post out there that is being the part of amazing community like dev.to and I encourage all the people out there to join such communities .

As we all know in situation like which we are facing right now that is Covid-19 , its very important for all of us to come together , help each-other out and continuously improve ourselves on day to day basis.

I want to share my experience of being a part of one more such community started by LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd and Indian Innovation & Entrepreneurship Community in the guidance or mentor-ship of Mr.Vimal Daga who is well known Technologist and World Record Holder .
I have been part of various training given by Mr. Vimal Sir like :

-1 MLOps(Machine Learning Operations)
-2 DevOps Assembly Lines

which I started during this lock-down period due to covid-19 situation .

Now being a part of one more such training :-

Hybrid Multi Cloud Training - AWS + Terraform + OpenStack + Kubernetes

which will be great learning for me .

Alt Text

With this I have decided to share my learning with you all which will be the part of #40daysofHybridCloud in this I will be sharing my daily practicing and learning of cloud computing from very basics to an Expert level . Keeping it short I will be very happy if you all can be part of this journey with me and this allow me add value to you all by sharing my activities .

Happy Learning :)


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