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#40daysofHybridCloud (Day-1)


Toady I have learned about basics of Cloud that is mainly cloud can be divided into two parts:-

  • Public cloud (AWS)
  • Private cloud (OpenStack)

  • Q .Here the question arises why cloud is used ? *

    Cloud is used as we all own that every company can not own big infra of their business like thousands of Terra bytes for storage and RAM which is required as basics of any start-up company and if somehow they are able to do so also then managing it is a big problem in itself which leads to heavy investment on the resources which they not need at the first place.
    so they turned to companies like AWS , Mircosoft Azure , GCS etc
    service called as IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service).

Cloud store data is three format that are(STAAS):-

  • Object
  • File
  • Block

Focusing on Block storage as per now we have consider one example of each public(AWS) and private(OpenStack).

  • In AWS as storage of data in Blocks and is done by EBS(Elastic Block Storage).
  • Same process can be acheived in OpenStack and it is called Cinder.

Now coming to practical aspect we all know that for running any program we need a 2 things :

  1. Hardware(Hard disk , RAM and CPU)
  2. Operating System

Hardware infrastructure is already provided by companies like amazon (AWS) but we ourselves need to install an OS on the top of the service and resources provided by AWS.

We will take an example of AWS , In AWS we have a service which allow us to establish our OS called EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud).

Now I will show you how to install OS in AWS :-

  • Create an free account on AWS (valid for 12 months)

  • Login with your Account.

Alt Text

  • Click on EC2 services.

Alt Text

  • Click on Instance (as OS is also known as instance in AWS).

Alt Text

  • Fill up the details and type of OS you required like Name , RAM , Storage , ENI(elastic network interface) also called network card so that you can access it later from network.

  • At last you will be requiring a key that is one time use and can be created in the process or separately by clicking on Key pair in Network and security tab.

Alt Text

  • Here you can see an example of OS provisioned on AWS.

Alt Text

that all for today !!

Happy Learning :)

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