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Kaviraj Singh Bhati
Kaviraj Singh Bhati

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Starting my Web Developer Journey

Hello my fellow developers. I have decided to start my web development journey (again) after trying for the last one year and failing!

A brief background

A brief introduction about me, I am a pre-final year student in Computer Science. I currently am learning data structures and algorithms and primarily use Java. I’m also taking some simple crash courses on Web Development and participating in #100DaysOfCode on Twitter.

My study plan

  • Reviewing my HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge:
    I will be taking a crash course for each language to learn the basics. I don't want to get trapped in tutorial hell so I will not be spending too much time on watching tutorials.

  • Build some projects: After finishing the courses, next logical step would be to build some projects to sharpen my skills, and deploy them to showcase in my portfolio.

  • Working on my problem solving skills: As the interview season's round the corner, it's high time that I prepare for my coding interviews. For the next 100 days, I would prepare my problem solving skills.


I know I am a bit late to start this journey but hey, Better late than never. I am so excited to see where this journey takes me.
P.S. This is my very first article on social media. Pardon me for my grammar mistakes, if any!
Peace ✌

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