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kawhyte profile image Kenny Whyte ・1 min read

Hello everyone,

I am working on a website "Exploring Race & Racism" that is a repository of books, movies etc about race.

I am almost done with the structure of the site, so I am looking for feedback on what I can improve/add to make it better.

Tech: Gatsby/React, Tailwinds css
CMS: Airtable
Deployed: Netlify
Link: https://equality.netlify.app/

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Kenny ✌🏽 + ❤️


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Hello Kenny, this is a really great looking website! Everything is very simple and intuitive with very little distractions on the page! I have a few suggestions.

  1. The little book animation on hover is very nice, it looks like the drop shadow changes on hover for the books as well. I think adding some kind of hover effect on movies and podcasts would make sense, even if it is just a drop shadow.

  2. The tags on each page are a great feature to sort through the books. However, there is no visible feedback for which one is selected. When I first clicked on the 'Race' button under 'Books' there was no visible change on the website and I wasn't sure if the buttons worked. It seems like it's just because all of the books are under 'Race'. It would help if you highlight 'View All' when you are viewing all books and highlight 'Race' when you are viewing 'Race', etc.

  3. In the pages for the individual books there are tags for each category the book belongs to. I think it would be great if I could click on those tags and be redirected to the book page with that tag set as the filter.

  4. it was strange going to the last page of businesses and the cards weren't clickable, I see how it makes sense to have the smaller buttons that go to an external page. However for consistencies sake, I wonder if you would want to have sub pages for each business as well?

  5. I don't know if you have plans to add more categories but a section featuring black activists or creators would also be cool, there are people consistently making content other than podcasts and it would be great to see a collection of them as well.

I hope you found this useful! I look forward to seeing the finished product!


Hello Hayden,

This was extremely helpful!

  1. I made this change

  2. This is good point. I added this feature

  3. I will add this tomorrow

  4. I made the card clickable and added a little animation like the books and movies. I am thinking about the sub page idea. Need to update a few things before I can implement it.

  5. I am definitely going to add these featuring black activists or creators. This a a great idea

Thank you for all the help.


Looks really good to me, couple of comments:

  • 1619 cover is cut off and doesn't look great
  • The book animation is nice, but I feel like I'm going to see an extract due to the opening animation (I actually think that would also be a nice feature)

Great work.


Thanks Mike! Great idea.

I made the update you suggested. When the user hovers, they get an extract of what the book/movie is about. I also updated the images on the podcast.


Love the simplicity. Just one suggestion when user click on any category just scroll down to content. I was not able to know that there is something down is ready for me based on category I click.


Thanks Suban. Does this happen on a cellphone?


Hey! I love your website! you definitively should implement SEO metatags to get easily discovered by the search indexers. Nice Work!


Thanks Andres. I just added the SEO metatags


Awesome work! I love it. The opening covers is a really nice touch. I'd be interested in knowing about the design a bit more, where did you get the icons and hero/lead image?


Thanks Travis.

The book animation idea came from a codepen I saw a few weeks ago - codepen.io/rafaelrinaldi/

All the icons/Illustrations are from freepik & icons8


The about button is a little too much to the right.


Thank you. I updated the "about button" margin


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Any suggestion or feedback will be helpful.
Thank you.