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Kim Arnett  Author

Hey Shrey!

This definitely got out of control lol - thanks for posting again.. I'm trying to (slowly) go through and catch any that fell through.

I like the layout, make sure it's printer friendly and in b&w.
Your bullet points are incomplete sentences, which I prefer, but remove the . from the end of each line.
With your experience are there any metrics you can pull out of what you were able to contribute?
Each of your projects point to - present. Maybe remove that if you're just in maintenance mode and only have the established date.
reminder: any tech skills you list are fair game to be interviewed about. Be ready if you list them :)

Thanks for your patience.

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Shrey Dabhi

Hey kim, thanks for the review. As I just an intern, so there aren't any metrics that I can include, coz I don't know the scale of impact of my contributions.

I will definitely work on the project section!

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