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Which react-redux-thunk boilerplate do you recommend?

creact-create-app is a great starting point for creating a react app, but once you need to add react-redux to your project, you have to write a lot of code and repeat this in each project again and again.

I wish there was a create-react-app command that could create an app which includes also the react-redux parts such as a store file, a reducer folder with an index.js in it, action, thunk etc.

Or is there any good boilerplate, which I can use? Which boilerplate do you recommend?

What do you do to minimise writing repetitive code in a react-redux project?

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Nico • Edited on

this one looks ok if you like axios:

This one as well, with just fetch (no axios)

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Ayush Gupta

I wish someone had answered this ☹

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Arun Kumar G

Just curios to know, did you get one now? or what did you end up doing.
I know its already months now, I see your post today while I was browsing for redux-thunk