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Odoo Rental Management System

With new business and novel products coming to the market every day, the demand for production machinery and services are hiking like never before. The new business firms and established ones are venturing into new streams of products and services and considering economic and methodical reasons, buying and stocking every manufacturing equipment or services isn't practical. ‘Renting’ is the sample solution for this. A replacement market has emerged for the rental of products and services nowadays. For business firms getting to establish a subsidiary rental business and also those that have established it within the past, Odoo v13’s featured Rental module may be a boon.

This app will work for all types of Rental business/Industry. you'll use this app to rent any quiet Products/Items, Home, Car, Bike, Service on Rent, AC, TV, Office Rent, and lots of more... It's made as generic so it can fit all industries.

Now let’s take a glance at the overall workflow and therefore the operational process of the Rental module.


  • User-friendly Interface experience; easy to configure and use.
  • Minimal Data entry requirement; process your task with less data entry and a couple of selections.
  • Gantt chart provisioned schedule.

Now before stepping into the functionality of the Rental module, one must develop skills to assign different products to be rented. For that;

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