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Which CRM Is Best For Your Business

Business means customers and customers mean data. Today, a manager who wants to manage his company and develop his sales team performance can not ignore CRM. the necessity for strong customer management software isn't up for debate, however, deciding which CRM is best fitted to your company needs are often more complicated

In this article, we've gathered four prominent CRMs (in our opinion) currently available on the market. The objective? to offer you a quick overview of every tool in order that you've got the proper information available once you make your decision.

SalesForce: The Heavyweight

While the CRM landscape has grown in recent years, Salesforce remains one of the heavyweights within the industry. With several advanced features, it's still a really attractive SaaS solution for giant companies or companies with specific challenges. additionally, it's an easy interface and its operation is quite intuitive. In terms of budget, the entry ticket is $25 per month and per user. That said, the functionalities of this version are very limited and you'll need to quickly switch to the upper tiers, starting at $75 all the high to $300 per month, so as to start out taking full advantage of the software.

Also, note that the variability of features offered by Salesforce is rarely relevant to small to medium-sized businesses. They generate additional costs that are often unnecessary when considering the number of modules that will not even be in use, albeit the essential rates are already relatively high.

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skozeniuk profile image

You can find almost the entire list of such tools on the market at In fact, I think it's important to understand what features and needs are in your niche, and look for a product that best suits those needs.

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