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In iOS apps, a scrolling list of items is a table view and each item on the list is a cell. I recently had an assignment in which the task was to work on the part of an app that keeps track of the conversation. The part of the app that deals with table views and cells was already built, which led me to focus on the particular task at hand. I first began by familiarizing/ reviewing the files that make up the app. I updated the data source, which is best thought of as a very effective assistant, to give the correct number of messages. Once I did that, the correct number of entries were in the chat but they were all the same answer. I then inserted an if statement that uses the remainder operator to determine whether the message is a question or an answer. The problem then, was that even though the right number of messages, questions and answers were showing up and different text was seen as you move through the conversation it was still not showing the actual contents of the conversation. The next step was to add storage to the app. I created an array and code so that every time the data source is asked to add an answer or question, it creates a new message and adds it to the array.

An idea for an app has been brewing in my head for some time now. An input that the “brain” would take is the information regarding time per se, and the results it would return deal with rates. It’s a vaguely communicated thought, more to come soon. Actions over words.

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Binyamin Green

Sounds interesting. What was the assigned app about? What was it supposed to do?

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keepoSteepo Author

The app is basically a messenger type of app. It needed to be able to keep track of messages, display the question being asked and the answer being given. Well, at least that's what my part had to do. The design aspect of the app was untouched by me.