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There's a first time for everything- My first simple app using React.

I met with my mentor and we discussed that I would make a simple app using react. It took me some time which was expected but I did it! As soon as I downloaded node.js and opened it VS code I didnt know where to start. LOL. I edited the text and started removing code to see what would happen on the screen. I eventually came up with an idea and decided to start from scratch. I had all the errors in the world and I just took my time to figure out where I was going wrong(a.k.a googled and looked at my notes). Long story short, I sent a screenshot to my mentor and I received good feedback. I was so excited because that was my first time writing my own code for something I just learned. Other times I was reviewing code from my bootcamp.

Until next time!

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Ajay Marathe

Haha cool 😅

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Darryl Young

Nice! Congratulations.